Forest bathing

Go off outdoors in a completely different way – as a day or half-day venture. Neither high up onto a peak nor on a strenuous round hike. Doing nothing is the order of the day, linger, just be there.

Only in this way we can immerse ourselves in the healing power of the forest. Perceive and enjoy its shapes, colors, sounds and smells. Walking barefoot, feeling the moss and tree bark, just laying down in the leaves, squinting through the canopy of leaves into the sun.

If you want, you can also do yoga exercises with me. But: you don’t have to do anything and you are allowed to do everything.

Forest bathing or Shinrin Yoku in the language of the country of origin, Japan, has meanwhile found its way into environmental and preventive medicine as a “new interdisciplinary science“. Not least since it has been proven that the essential oils, the so-called terpenes, through which the trees communicate with each other, strengthen the human immune system and have a healing effect.


Day tour

  Character

Fixed valley hotel

  Region

Bavarian Alps

  Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Suitable for:

Hiking Level 1

Hiking Beginner

Hiking Level 2

Hiking Fan

Hiking Level 3

Hiking Enthusiast

Hiking Level 4
Sure-footed Endurance Wonder

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