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Long-distance hiking

Most thru-hiking guys or sabbatical trekkers travel alone. It is about self-discovery, reorientation or a very personal challenge.

But a successful long-distance trek also requires a great deal of organization and experience. Route planning, daily stages, alternative routes in case of bad weather, accommodation reservations – especially in mountain huts that are critical in terms of route strategy. During the tour it is then a matter of orientation, map reading, weather assessment, walking speed, time management and safety in alpine terrain.

Especially for beginners in long-distance hiking, particularly in the mountains, the company of a private guide can therefore be an advantage. This professional and safe accompaniment is a decisive factor for one’s own relaxed perception and immersion in nature and the mountain world. It is in this inspiring serenity only that the hoped-for insights and impulses about yourself, your own path in life, changes of direction and plans for the future first open up.

Clearly a very special offer. And not one that you and I will get involved in without having been on tour together before. But it would give me great pleasure to accompany you as a private guide and companion even over a longer period of time in nature.

I am convinced that getting to know and engaging with another person is very valuable. It offers each of us the chance to learn, to develop new perspectives, perhaps to discover completely new angles on life and to enrich and even enhance one another.


Trekking – over several weeks

  Character

Mountain huts & Valley hotels

  Region

All Alpine regions

  Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Suitable for:

Hiking Level 1 not applicable

Hiking Beginner

Hiking Fan

Hiking Level 3

Hiking Enthusiast

Hiking Level 4
Sure-footed Endurance Wonder

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