Outdoor Coaching

Be out on the move to arrive at yourself

Classic personal coaching as well as business coaching usually takes place indoors. In the premises of the coach or in meeting rooms of your own company.

I am convinced that the coaching work is much more effective, sustainable and thus more successful when it takes place outside in nature, for example on a hike.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) already said that “… no thought should be believed that is not born outdoors and with free movement, in which the muscles do celebrate a feast, too!« July 1887 from the Swiss Engadin to his friend and adlatus Heinrich Köselitz in Saxony.

And in fact, there are now numerous outdoor and hiking coaching providers where you can book a coaching tour – often online. Usually you are one of several participants and set off as a group of around 4, 6 or more like-minded people.

I, on the other hand, would like to bring the highly professional individual coaching out into the great outdoors.

Anyone who has ever done a professional personal or business coaching themselves knows what a high level of concentration, flexibility, spontaneity and creativity the coach has to bring in to work successfully with you and bring you noticeable added value.

At the same time, outdoor coaching in the Alps requires uninterrupted safety on the mountain, observation of the weather, time management and, if necessary, alternative route planning.

Therefore, I am very pleased about the partnerships with two extraordinary coaches, each of whom offering a different coaching focus:

Laura Burckhardt

Personal & Business Coach (TA)





Laura Burckhardt

Coaching for professional reorientation 40+

For all who are looking for more satisfaction for their 2nd half of life and seek clarity about new goals, strengths, values and also personal boundaries.


Business Coaching for New Work and New Leadership

For companies undergoing cultural change that support their managers in the change processes. Through personality development, communication and resilience training, and conflict management.

Executive coach, communication consultant and trained transactional analysis consultant (DGTA) with 25 years of professional experience and inspiration from top-level sports as a former professional mountain biker

Frank Grell

IHK licensed Mental Trainer & Coach | Finance & Insurance Expert | Ambassador for retirement provision | Firewalking Trainer | enthusiastic Sportsman and Mountain fan




Outdoor Coaching

I want to live differently

In some lives, success plows tracks from which it is not so easy to escape. What you achieve and what you actually want are drifting further and further apart. The question of happiness in life seems irrelevant.

What is really important to you? Do you remember where your path was originally supposed to lead you? Do you feel the courage to recognize and follow your own path?

Go with us to the mountains and return to the plains with clarity and decisiveness.


Slow Alps provides you with an extraordinary coaching setting in the mountains of the European Alps:

On the go with a professional coach and state-certified mountain guide

As a couple, we invite you to a journey into nature and to yourself.
We make sure that you get moving. Into a flow that lets you reflect and express what you want to share.
We make sure that you keep moving during our WALKING TALK, with body, mind and soul. And that we all arrive safely back down in the valley together.


This is what your development journey with us could look like:

Warm up & setting the scene

The three of us set off on a carefully planned, tailor-made mountain tour.

While walking the following will evolve:

  • Togetherness & peace of mind
  • Time to talk
  • Listening
  • Room for reflection
  • Clear your head

Clear Mind & Vision

We reach the 1st milestone – a breathtaking viewpoint, a cozy resting place or our finally our refuge for the night.

During this rest and the overnight stay, the following will develop:

  • Clarity about yourself
  • Recognizing personal development potential
  • Creativity
  • New perspectives
  • A vision

Goal & Decision

We have the most demanding part of our tour ahead of us – the terrain may reflect the hard work on yourself.

While you are pushing yourself physically and mentally, the following will occur:

  • Stimulus & momentum
  • Rediscovering yourself
  • Breaking new grounds
  • Identifying new goals
  • Decision taking

Confidence & Motivation

We have reached the summit and enjoy both the mountaineering success and the mental realignment – with all our senses.

As we take a deep breath and begin the descent into the valley, the following space will take hold:

  • Intensive experience of happiness
  • Deep emotional anchoring of the set goals and decisions made
  • Strong self-confidence
  • New motivation and inspiration for future steps and tasks

We recommend that you plan at least one overnight stay in a mountain hut for an effective and sustainable personal outdoor coaching in the Alps. The minimum time frame would be from day 1 in the afternoon to day 2 in the morning.

If you have a topic that you would like to illuminate, further develop or solve as part of a Slow Alps Outdoor Coaching, please contact me directly by e-mail or give me a call:

E-Mail: lutz.gartner@slow-alps.com

Phone / WhatsApp / Signal: +49 (0) 173 70 28 331

We will then look for an appointment for an (online) introductory meeting for three – together with the coach who appears most suitable for your topic.