Maypole Cycling

How about an entertaining bike ride from one maypole festival to another? Through the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps, past lakes and pilgrimage churches, with the Alpine panorama always in view?

We head for the villages that renew their maypole in the year of your travel. This renewel is due every 5 years. The erection of a new maypole is one of the most traditional customs in southern Bavaria and takes place as part of a folk festival.

The whole village is on its feet from morning on, all dressed up posh and gracefully in Bavarian traditional costume. The brass band plays, there is beer on tap and grilled meat with dumplings, cabbage and potato salad.

The strongest boys erect the maypole, which is often up to 40 meters high, with their own muscle power using long wooden poles. A difficult undertaking that takes several hours.

An occasion for us to visit several maypole festivals on our bike tour in the course of the day, filling the May Day holiday all around.


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Bavarian Alps

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