In the southernmost part of the Austrian province Salzburger Land there is a lot of nature and plenty of space for relaxation and deceleration. In 2012, Salzburg’s Lungau region, together with Carinthia’s Nockberge Mountains, received the UNESCO Biosphere Park designation, making it the largest in all of Austria. Biosphere reserve means preservation of biological diversity, maintaining regional cultural values and developing the region together with the local population.

Nature Highlights

  • Most hours of sunshine in Austria
  • Average altitude of all valley villages over 1,000 m a.s.l.
  • Countless mountain lakes
  • The remote Mur Valley

Cultural Highlights

  • Prangstangen Procession – the scent of 60,000 flowers
  • Samson Parades
  • Water Shoot
  • Krampus runs in the Advent season
  • Mountaineering village Göriach
  • Mauterndorf Castle
  • Mossham Castle

Culinary highlights

  • Mouth-watering treats in alpine huts with high-quality, self-made organic alpine products
  • Variety of arolla pine recipes, from arolla pine schnapps to arolla pine pesto to arolla pine deodorant.
  • Lungau cream cook – the alpine marzipan
  • Lungauer Schnöpsernes, an alpine sheep roast
  • Schnuraus, local fluffy type of donut
  • Pickled Lungauer chanterelles

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