Lower Engadine

The Lower Engadine is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Switzerland. In contrast to the exclusive Upper Engadine, it is a quiet valley away from the main stream of tourists. The centre of the Lower Engadine is Scuol (Schuls) with its historic districts and the health and adventure pool Bogn Engadina. The townscapes get their unmistakable charm from the so-called “sgraffiti“, a handicraft from the 17th century to decorate the facades of the houses.

Many mountain pass crossings allow attractive discovery tours into neighbouring valleys and tours in the tri-border region between Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Nature Highlights

  • Swiss National Park, the largest wilderness area in Switzerland with 170 km²
  • Lower Engadine hedge landscapes – important habitats for a multitude of animal species made from blackthorn, rose hip, barberry, hazelnut, sea buckthorn or rowanberry
  • Over 20 natural mineral water springs
  • Wild river idyll at the Flüela Pass
  • Uina Gorge
  • Ofenpass

Cultural Highlights

  • Spa towns Scuol and Vulpera with mineral bath Bogn Engiadina and the historic mineral drinking hall Büvetta
  • Tarasp Castle
  • Zernez National Park Centre – the ideal place to prepare for and follow-up of a hike in the National Park
  • Sgraffiti of the Engadine houses

Culinary highlights

  • Engadine nut cake
  • Plain in Pigna, a simple traditional dish made from potatoes, flour and milk
  • Capuns, a wide variety of pastries wrapped in chard leaves and gratinated with cheese
  • Bündnerfleisch – elaborately produced dried meat
  • Bündner pear bread, with figs, dried pears and nuts

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