Full Moon Hiking

Do not underestimate the adaptability of your eyes. And also don’t underestimate the strength of the sunlight that the moon casts on the Earth.

Not every night on the days around full moon will be heavily cloudy, so every month we have a good chance to have an extraordinary experience of nature:

Experiencing how our senses respond when it’s dark around us – and we fully expose ourselves to the outdoors. We hear nocturnal animals, the sound of the wind in the trees, and our activated sense of smell enjoys the scent of spruce, fir and mountain pine.

For our ancestors, it was everyday life. For us it is an adventure.


Day tour

  Character

Fixed valley hotel

  Region

All Alpine regions

  Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Suitable for:

Hiking Level 1

Hiking Beginner

Hiking Level 2

Hiking Fan

Hiking Level 3

Hiking Enthusiast

Hiking Level 4 not applicable
Sure-footed Endurance Wonder

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