Are you having a hard time assessing your mountaineering capacities? If you ask yourself: “How sure-footed am I really? How many vertical meters (of altitude) can I actually manage in one day?”

Then you are exactly right on a hiking holiday with a private guide.

On the evening of the first tour day, you tell me how you want to continue on day 2 and possibly other days: more demanding or more relaxed.

Accordingly, I will plan the next tours on site. All of them accessible from the booked fixed valley hotel.

Also possible with snowshoes in winter.


Multi-day tour

  Character

Fixed valley hotel

  Region

All Alpine regions

  Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Suitable for:

Hiking Level 1

Hiking Beginner

Hiking Level 2

Hiking Fan

Hiking Level 3

Hiking Enthusiast

Hiking Level 4
Sure-footed Endurance Wonder

If this tour topic appeals to you, you can already reserve my availability for your planned travel period – without obligation.