Easy on knees

Hike up the mountain and then take the cable car down? That sounds like an upside-down world to the common lowland tourist. Not with Slow Alps!

I know many mountain-loving outdoor enthusiasts who are in great shape, but have developed problems with their knees over time. That hurts when descending from the summit.

The “Easy on knees” tours offer interesting, sometimes unusual ascents on well-known mountains that have a cable car station not far from the summit.


Day tour, Multi-day tour

  Character

Fixed valley hotel

  Region

Bavarian Alps, Karwendel, Allgäu Alps, Dolomites

  Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Suitable for:

Hiking Level 1

Hiking Beginner

Hiking Level 2

Hiking Fan

Hiking Level 3 not applicable

Hiking Enthusiast

Hiking Level 4 not applicable
Sure-footed Endurance Wonder

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