Dead Mountains

The Austrian mountain range “Totes Gebirge” (translated “Dead Mountains”) is located between Bad Ischl in Upper Austria and Liezen in Styria and is one of the loneliest high plateaus in the Alps. A quiet oasis, but its fauna & flora is more alive than the name would suggest.

It is disputed how the “Dead Mountains” got their name. Either because it is indeed the largest karst plateau of the Limestone Alps with numerous sinkholes, caves and small lakes. Or because of the fact that there are no salt deposits in the rock formations of this region.

Numerous managed huts on its outskirts and 3 huts inside the high plateau allow us to make a variety of interesting crossings and traverses.

Nature Highlights

  • Wildensee and Steirersee
  • Stodertal
  • Großer Priel with 2,515 m above sea level
  • Variety of medicinal herbs and edible plants

Cultural Highlights

  • The revenge of the Oimranzln
  • Tauplitzalm
  • Bad Aussee
  • Alpineum in Hinterstoder

Culinary highlights

  • Char from the Toplitzsee
  • Stodertaler Schmankerl

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