COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) Conditions

For trips starting from 1.1.2022 the 2P rule applies!

2P = Proof of vaccination (booster required) or Proof of recovery

For travel from 1.1.2023, the 2P rule detailed below is suspended until further notice – and hopefully will remain so !

For Slow Alps tour programs starting from 1.1.2022 the 2P rule applies for the duration of the tour. This must be fulfilled and proven by each participating guest and the deployed tour guides.

If you or a participating person of your group cannot prove a 2P status valid for the duration of the trip at the beginning of the trip, Slow Alps is entitled to withdraw from the package tour contract.

You confirm with your booking that you and your group participants fulfill the 2P status for the duration of the booked tour and can prove it during the entire tour.

By booking, you consent to Slow Alps checking the 2P status of yourself and all other group participants at the start of the trip.

Since the entry rules as well as the local COVID rules in the Alpine countries can change again and again, especially seasonally between the summer and winter months, please also inform yourself on the relevant official websites:






In our introductory call we can discuss the then current COVID 19 requirements and, if necessary, also deviate from the strict 2P rule.

Why is there a 2P rule for my vacation and tour program at Slow Alps?

Previous experience combined with the anticipation of future tightening due to current developments make this step necessary. Otherwise, the entry and return, the use of accommodation, gastronomy, mountain railroads and other services are hampered to such an extent that it is no longer possible to carry out the tour itineraries.

What does 2P mean on Slow Alps vacations?

You must carry a valid vaccination certificate for the duration of the trip, at least until the end of the trip. A valid Covid certificate, an international vaccination certificate or your vaccination certificate with an EMA-approved vaccine against Corona will be accepted.

If your 2P status is based on recovery, there is a high requirement for validity. The proof of recovery is based on a positive PCR test and confirmation by the performing laboratory or a physician. The positive PCR test must be no less than 28 days and no more 90 days old.

It is also advisable to find out, independently of the Slow Alps 2P regulation, to what extent you may be subject to further restrictions in the country of tour execution or arrival and departure. For some EU countries a Covid certificate from the EU might still be required.

When do I need to prove my 2P status?

Your proof will be checked by me or an appointed tour guide at the beginning of the first joint guided tour of your booked vacation program. Should you not be in possession of such, the further implementation of the Slow Alps vacation program is not possible! In this case, the cancellation costs are to be borne by you.

Can I book a trip with Slow Alps without a valid 2P certificate?

A booking is possible if you confirm that you will meet the 2P status at the scheduled start and for the duration of the booked trip.

Your vaccination/recovery status at the time of booking is irrelevant. However, you must ensure that you have and can prove the 2P status during the period of travel.

What happens if testing becomes necessary during the trip despite 2P status?

If testing becomes necessary during the vacation program despite 2P proof, Slow Alps will take care of it. The costs for this are to be borne by the participant.