Bike & Hike

Bike & Hike is becoming more and more of a trend. I can understand that only too well, because for me personally it is the supreme discipline in the European Alps.

Privately, since I bought my first mountain bike over 20 years ago, I have mainly been on the road in “Bike & Hike” mode: cover the first part with the bike and then continue on foot to the summit.

Usually this 1st stage destination is a managed hut, where the gravel road ends. Here we can strengthen ourselves both on the ascent and on the way back and, if necessary, have the e-bike charged.

The best comes at the end: the descent into the valley on the bike. Really fun and easy on the knee joints!


Day tour, Multi-day tour

  Character

Fixed valley hotel, Mountain hut

  Region

All Alpine regions

  Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Suitable for:

Cycling Level 1 - not applicable

Pleasure Cyclist

Cycling Level 2

Sports Cyclist

Cycling Level 3

Adventure Cyclist

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