Balloon Ride Across the Alps

Slow Alps like out of a picture book! Glide calmly and sublimely over the Alps. Unique bird’s-eye views of glaciers and communities. Crossing the Alps in a hot air balloon is one of the last great adventures of our time.

Over 140 km/h above ground – and yet not a hair turns. You fly or “ride” in absolute calm – namely with the wind. After landing, you will be raised to the status of the nobles at the traditional balloonist baptism with fire and fine baptismal water and receive a baptismal certificate.

The challenge for you lies before the actual balloon ride: You must be able to take time off at very short notice and agree to offered date for the ride  immediately. The necessary thermal and high-altitude wind conditions for a safe crossing of the Alps to Italy only exist in winter – and even then often only on a few days. If it doesn’t work out for you in one year, you will stay on the waiting list for the next winter.

You should only realize the adventure of “crossing the Alps” with an experienced aviation company. Slow Alps has already selected reliable partners for you. With starting points in Upper Bavaria, Allgäu and Switzerland between Lake Constance and Lucerne.


2 days

  Character

1 valley hotel in Italy

  Region

Bavarian Alps, Allgäu Alps, Eastern Switzerland

  Season


Balloon Ride Along the Alps

Here it looks more relaxed. Trips are possible all year round. From spring to autumn always in the morning just after sunrise or in the evening into the sunset. In winter, an ascent is possible at any time of the day. The prerequisite is “good weather”. If this does not prevail on the long-term agreed date, simply a new date will be arranged.

In the blog posts under News, you might find one or the other specific example tour. Stored in the category “Tour reports”.

I will not personally accompany you on the balloon ride, but I will be happy to provide you with an appropriately experienced ballooning company. For this, simply make an appointment in my online calendar.